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Friday, August 29, 2014

Twista is hosting #dd32!!!

Fresh off the release of the Redman-hosted Digital Dynasty 31, and Tha Advocate return with the 32nd installment of the series... hosted by Twista.

The Chicago rap legend grabs the mic and declares DD32 his. "We fresh off that volume that the homie Redman hosted, and now, it's ya boy Twista's turn. If you think this Dynasty is joke, you're out of touch homie," Twista says.

"Back to back legends -- Kurupt, Redman and now Twista? WOW! For one, this volume is gonna be extra special to me because I always felt like Twista is underated," says series creator Tha Advocate. "His bars are always on point and you will never find a wack verse from dude. Also, his longevity in the game is an inspiration."

Since its launch, the DD series has garnered nearly 1.5 million downloads. Past hosts include Sticky Fingaz, Xzibit, the Alchemist, Ras Kass, Naughty By Nature, DJ Whoo Kid, Killah Priest, Saigon, and the list goes on. It is dedicated to putting fans up on new talent, who may not otherwise get the exposure they should receive.

Submissions are open for slots on #32 now. For info, reach out to Tha Advocate at Until then, you can download a previous volume below.

Also, make sure to support our host Twista, by following him on Twitter, and copping his newly released ninth studio album, Dark Horse, available now on iTunes.

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Killah Priest is hosting the 1st ever Spitfire mixtape!

Killah Priest is hosting the 1st ever Spitfire mixtape! Hit me up if you wanna be apart of this!

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Friday, October 11, 2013

Rich Roze drops new single "Field Of Fire".

Rich Roze was born in  Rockaway, New York and moved to Florida at a very young age. He now resides in Seminole currently. Rich always wrote poetry as a kid and also as a kid got into rap music, mainly Tupac Shakur and the Outlawz. They were, and continue to be, a huge influence for Roze. At the age of 18 he started making his own music and at the age of 26, now seasoned a bit more, is still grinding. Rich has been in the lab making many songs and just dropped his first interview as well. Now he is getting ready to drop his new mixtape, "The Blessed Curse", and in the mean time decides to let one of his tracks loose. Make sure you download "Field Of Fire" right here via Below is some contact info for Rich Roze so you can stay connected to what he has going on.

Monday, May 13, 2013

EXCLUSIVE- Tha Advocate Interviews Treach about Naughty By Nature Break Up And More!

Treach Interview with Tha Advocate/ Ballerstatus (Part 1) --

In Part One Treach speaks on what caused the Naughty By Nature Break Up, how Vinnie was kicked out of the group before the now infamous tweet, he says if he regrets letting the public know his feelings via twitter, Vin Rock cutting his verse on the "Respect" song and shooting a video without him, how they "threw him a bone" by letting Vin start, and own, Naughty gear, if it's awkward not speaking for 2 years and performing shows and touring together and much much more. 

Treach Interview with Tha Advocate/ Ballerstatus (Part 2) --

In Part Two Treach further details the Naughty By Nature break up, how things got physical 2 years ago, if the fans will, and should, feel awkward at future shows, if Queen Latifah reached out, if there will be any more Naughty By Nature albums, how he feels if Vin Rock responds on a diss track, how he feels about getting more exposure from their break up then they did on their last anniversary album, The status of the release of the "ZOO" movie, why street movies aren't as common as in the 90's and his favorite movie he ever starred in.

 As I said in the interview, as a FAN looking from the outside in, it's heart breaking to see these Hip Hop icons going thru problems like this, especially after reaching a 20 year milestone not too long ago. I hope they work this out and things get back in order. - @ThaAdvocate

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Tha Advocate unleashes new mixtape from Wu Producer- St.Peter

Download: Tha Advocate, Ballerstatus and DJ J Ronin present 

St. Peter - The N.A.U. (Mixtape)

Tha Advocate unleashes new Killah Priest music video for "Ein Sof (Paradise)"

Tha Advocate unleashes new Killah Priest music video for
 "Ein Sof (Paradise)"

Fresh off the release of his new solo effort, The Psychic World of Walter Reed, Killah Priest lets Advo debut a brand new music video from the project, choosing the cut "Ein Sof (Paradise)"

The Psychic World of Walter Reed is out now. Order your copy now below.

Also, follow Killah Priest on Twitter: and Advo at and

 Produced by Jordan River Banks [of Godz Wrath]
Animated and Directed by: Orign of Futprnts Workshop

Tha Advocate leaks 2 new tracks from Digital Dynasty R&B Vol. 3 (Hosted by Jon B)

Tha Advocate leaks 2 new tracks from 
Digital Dynasty R&B Vol. 3 (Hosted by Jon B)

Tha Advocate featuring Codizzle, Doitall, J.D. Artist, Whodini- So Beautiful (Produced by Tha Advocate)

Tha Advocate - Curious (2013) (Digital Dynasty R&B Vol. 3 Exclusive)

(turns out this "Curious" was recorded in 2005 and unreleased until now. Looks like Advo been diggen in the archives. Dope regardless.)

Tha Advocate featured on 3 new songs on the new DJ K Law, Hussein Fatal hosted, mixtape!

Tha Advocate featured on 3 new tracks off of 
DJ K Law – If You Aint Know Now You Do (Vol. 12) 
(Hosted By Hussein Fatal)

Tha Advocate hosts new mixtape from T-Bone!

Tha Advocate hosts new mixtape from T-Bone 

"Pay Em No Attention" 

Read the review from here -

Download it here-

Singer Jon B To Host 'Digital Dynasty R&B 3', Submissions Open

Singer Jon B To Host 'Digital Dynasty R&B 3', Submissions Open

After bringing back the Digital Dynasty R&B mixtape series before Christmas, it's bacccck. For installment #3, Tha Advocate has enlisted R&B legend, Jon B.
Fresh off the release of his 2013 release, B-Sides Collection, the singer -- who has worked with everyone from Babyface to the late Tupac Shakur -- teams up with us to host the latest installment of our R&B tape series.
"This is super dope y'all. Enlisting the homie Jon B to host the third volume of Digital Dynasty R&B is great. He just dropped a new album, which is crazy, and we gonna showcase his music throughout the years on here, alongside some new tracks from signed and unsigned artists. This is gonna be your radio alternative," said rapper/producer Tha Advocate.
"I've seen the brand you guys built with the Digital Dynasty mixtapes and the Digital Dynasty RnBseries.. and now, third time's a charm ... it's my turn," said Jon of his involvement..
The R&B mixtape is open for submissions as always. Singers, and/or rappers with R&B-influenced tracks are welcome to submit their music. For more info, reach out to Tha Advocate at
Digital Dynasty R&B #3 is coming soon. Stay tuned for details.
In the meantime, make sure you support Jon B's new album, the B-Sides Collection. It's currently available at, along with his past releases. Or, you can follow him on Twitter at:@OfficialJonB.

Tha Advocate interviews R&B legend Jon B!

Tha Advocate interviews R&B legend Jon B!