Friday, August 24, 2012

Check out these 2 mixtapes Tha Advocate is apart of!

Check out these 2 mixtapes Tha Advocate is apart of!

Whodini - Behind The Scenes II





Tha Advocate is featured on the track "Better Man". The song also features affiliates Shawn Blayze and Mass (Jeidi Prince). This song will also appear on the coming group project "Sun Of S.A.M.", which is slated to the winter of 2012. 


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Tha Advocate also hosted B.Eveready's latest mixtape "I Need A Manager".  You can download it here

Thursday, August 23, 2012

World Premier : Jimmy ValenTime- "MC Serch" (MCA) (HD VIDEO)

Jimmy Valentime returns with the final video from his debut project Life in Amazin Times “Mc Serch” (MCA) is a departure from the more serious sounding songs found on the project. Jimmy explains “The song is a play on Rick Ross's “Mc Hammer” song from a few years back, just having fun with that concept and style that’s been dominating the radio for the last few years.” While it might appear at first that the song is trying to cash in on the recent passing of Adam “MCA” Yauch, that is not the case, as the song was recorded late last year. Jimmy counters “The plan was always to shoot a video this summer; I wanted to have a song that could be great for parties, which still was true to my rhyme style.” The video show cases several of Jimmy's long time friends such as Urban Miracle and Varyus Waise. The group having fun as they travel from Canal St. to Coney Island. Jimmy says “It’s a fun song in the spirit of what the Beastie Boys were about early in their career, and I hope it puts a smile on their faces.” 

RIP MCA Gone but Never Forgotten 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

New Music- Killah Priest - The Park (DD21 Exclusive)

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The first exclusive leak for DD21 comes from @KillahPriest ! This is off of @ThaAdvocate , @Ballerstatus and @Thisis50 present Digital Dynasty 21 (Hosted by @JackThriller) .. this track will also appear on Killah Priest's long awaited PWOWR

Tha Advocate Questions 9/11, Bin Laden Death On New Song, 'Behind The Curtain'

Tha Advocate Questions 9/11, Bin Laden Death On New Song, 'Behind The Curtain' 

Our upcoming mixtape with Tha Advocate, entitled Digital Dynasty 21, is almost here. But, before we drop it ... we have one more exclusive. Advo leaks out this new track alongside Lord Gang's Ky Williams, called "Behind The Curtain," which poses questions about 9/11, Bin Laden, and a shadow government. "I made this song to ask questions that people consider taboo," the New Jersey rapper/producer explains. "A lot of of this 9/11 and Bin Laden talk definitely raises a lot of questions and when people ask, they are usually called crazy. Can planes really knock down two towers and Building #7 in controlled demolition format? How come most people don't know what Building #7 is? And how come people don't know over 100 architects say it's impossible for a collapse like that? "That's why I put audio samples from various news shows covering this topic to show real people have these concerns ... not just some crazy ass rebel rappers from New Jersey. Me and Ky had several talks about this before, so we decided to pen our thoughts on this subject. This will be the first of many tracks on this topic and this is just the warm up lap." Download Tha Advocate and Ky Williams' "Behind The Curtain" right here, Or, listen to the stream below. 

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Free Download : Digital Dynasty 21 (Hosted by Young Jack Thriller)

It's finally here. A month ago, we announced it's impending release and's Jack Thriller as host... and now, the latest installment of BallerStatus and Tha Advocate's Digital Dynasty mixtape series is here.
If you're not familiar with our free digital series, it was created back in 2008 as a mixtape outlet that shined a spotlight on undiscovered talent, and released on a worldwide platform such as Each installment is hosted by an established vet or newcomer.
The latest, Digital Dynasty 21, boasts over 40 tracks of brand new music from up-and-comers from around the country, as well as hot tracks sprinkly through and curated by Advo.
"I am happy to get this mixtape out for the summer. This is crazy dope," Advo says. "Think of it as your industry alternative to the pop sh** they keep playing everywhere you turn. Like I said before, this is grass roots sh** and we got heat from signed and unsigned artists contributing bangers from all over the globe.
"Shouts to the homie Young Jack Thriller for hosting and adding some comic relief to the project. And, shouts to for working with us again in another installment of Digital Dynasty."
Also, make sure to support and Jack Thriller by following them on Twitter: @Thisis50 and @JackThriller. And, for info on upcoming Digital Dynasty volumes, email Advo at:
Below is the final tracklist and stream:

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