Monday, July 18, 2011

Jaz-O On Deck To Host 'Digital Dynasty #17', Taking Submissions Now!

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Back in June, we released our 16th installment of our free Digital Dynasty mixtape series, and now, #17 is on its way.

This time around, we reached out to a hip-h0p vet, named Jaz-O. Some of youngsters may not have heard of him, but his name is eerily similar to one of hip-hop's superstars right? Well, that's because he was Jay's mentor, and without him, the R-O-C and artists Hov introduced may not be here today.

So, as the summer gets hot, Jaz-O signs on to host Digital Dynasty 17.

"This one is really important to me," exclaims Digital Dynasty's executive producer, Tha Advocate. "I usually have an 'Old School Jewel' on each mixtape for people to recognize that real hip-hop, unlike a lot of this present day mainstream garbage. You have seen us get legends like Mike Bivins, Naughty by Nature, and now I reached out to 'the originator,' Jaz-O. and we gonna make it happen.

"A lot of people who like J. Cole need to realize, he probably wouldn't be here if there was no Jay-Z ... and if there was no Jaz-O, then there would be no Jay-Z. That snowball effect is huge and that's why I am glad we are gonna make this happen."

Since its inception, the DD digital mixtape series has garnered over 1.2 million downloads, with past hosts including the likes of N.O.R.E., Xzibit, Chamillionaire, Alchemist, DJ Whoo Kid, and Ras Kass, among others.

And, if you're not familar with the series yet, it's time to get with it. The series is dedicated to putting fans up on new talent, who may not, otherwise, get the exposure they should receive. So, we put a little light on them to check their skills.

As always, slots on the upcoming volume are open to talent on the come-up, who need a chance to shine, or established artists wanting to drop some new mixtape heat. For info, holler at Tha Advocate:

#17 will drop in the coming weeks. Until then, download our previous volumes of Digital Dynasty below.

Make sure to follow Jaz on his social networks -- on Twitter @JazO9XsGreat, and on Facebook.