Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mike Bivins / Sporty Rich Webisode 3- Behind The Scenes at the MLK tribute.

With everything going on in the country some of your favorite artists are out there supporting the cause. One of those people is industry vet, and my homie, Mike Bivins. He sent me over a video of him behind the scenes at the MLK tribute in D.C. and you can see everything behind the scenes from the occupy protestors, the supporters, and some exclusive conversations with Michael Eric Dyson and Al Sharpton. When I spoke with Mike he told me that he makes these webisodes "to give you access, and these stories are to uplift and entertain." I hope you can post this on your facebooks and share it to your followers.

Sporty Rich Webisode 3 - MLK Dedication from Sporty Rich on Vimeo.

Front and Back covers for Tha Advocate's "Breaking Point" mixtape!

Front and Back covers for Tha Advocate's "Breaking Point" mixtape! Mixtape will drop on Ballerstatus.com 1st week of November.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

World Premier- Tha Advocate ft. J.D. Artist: Infliction (Music Video)

New Jersey's own Tha Advocate -- known for curating and mastering our on-going mixtape series Digital Dynasty -- unleashes a new music video for his latest music leak, titled "Infliction."

The Monstar Films-directed clip begins with the rapper, alongside singer J.D. Artist, picking up an unknown package ... and later delivering it to another man. What's inside? The infliction.

The song is off Tha Advocate's upcoming, fourth solo mixtape, The Breaking Point, hosted by Big Lou, Doitall (Lords Of The Underground) and Killah Priest. For more info, visit ThaAdvocate.com.