Monday, May 13, 2013

EXCLUSIVE- Tha Advocate Interviews Treach about Naughty By Nature Break Up And More!

Treach Interview with Tha Advocate/ Ballerstatus (Part 1) --

In Part One Treach speaks on what caused the Naughty By Nature Break Up, how Vinnie was kicked out of the group before the now infamous tweet, he says if he regrets letting the public know his feelings via twitter, Vin Rock cutting his verse on the "Respect" song and shooting a video without him, how they "threw him a bone" by letting Vin start, and own, Naughty gear, if it's awkward not speaking for 2 years and performing shows and touring together and much much more. 

Treach Interview with Tha Advocate/ Ballerstatus (Part 2) --

In Part Two Treach further details the Naughty By Nature break up, how things got physical 2 years ago, if the fans will, and should, feel awkward at future shows, if Queen Latifah reached out, if there will be any more Naughty By Nature albums, how he feels if Vin Rock responds on a diss track, how he feels about getting more exposure from their break up then they did on their last anniversary album, The status of the release of the "ZOO" movie, why street movies aren't as common as in the 90's and his favorite movie he ever starred in.

 As I said in the interview, as a FAN looking from the outside in, it's heart breaking to see these Hip Hop icons going thru problems like this, especially after reaching a 20 year milestone not too long ago. I hope they work this out and things get back in order. - @ThaAdvocate

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